Articles and Saturday Rants

For the past seven years Alan Canton has been writing the column called A Saturday Rant. It is a weekly essay on the publishing industry with an emphasis on the small press. It is normally posted to the pub-forum listserv (to join see ) as well as to the Usenet alt.publish.books group.

Alan Canton is also the creator of the JAYA123 web-based order entry, invoicing, inventory system. Give it a try at

Below is a brief list of the more popular/recent editions of A Saturday Rant.

  • A BEA Diary – 2006
  • A BEA Diary – 2005
  • A BEA Diary – 2004
  • How to Be at BEA
  • PMA, BEA, Leadership, and Staying Home
  • The Price Is Right
  • Ten Rules for Dealing with Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Some Reflections on Our Industry
  • A Publishers Epitaph
  • The Coffin Is Almost Closed
  • The Industry Is Sick
  • BEA Diary 2003
  • The Basics…Yet Again
  • How I Named My Company
  • Is IPAC a Possibility?
  • BEA Diary 2002
  • Thank God, I’m a Book-Biz Boy
  • Jack and Irene
  • Al Canton’s List of the Most Influential People
    in the Independent Press Sector
  • A Short Christmas Story About Angels
  • I Have a Dream
  • What the Retail People Are Saying
  • I Think It Was Better Back Then
  • Ugh—Ungaowa
  • Small Press Week? Why?
  • Five Easy Pieces
  • Too Many Words, Too Little Meaning
  • Jack and Irene
  • Four Score and…
  • BEA Diary 2001
  • A Birthday Introduction
  • BEA 2000
  • Follow-up to Reflections…
  • Jack and Irene (and Mayapriya too)
  • Jack and Irene
  • Jack and Irene
  • Zen and the Proctology of Publishing
  • A New Year’s Rant
  • Big Myths that Unsuccessful (i.e. Stupid) Publishers Believe
  • Al Canton’s Bakers Dozen of the Most Influential People in the Independent Press Sector
  • A Saturday Request (A letter I wrote that raised over $200,000!)
  • How We Got the New List
  • Bye Bye Miss PMA Pie
  • A Quick Visit with Jack