About us

Adams-Blake Publishing has been publishing books since 1990 and been in the software business for the past TWENTY years. We are a technology driven company believe that the “future” in software is with server-side applications and web design

We have a business affiliation with Mayapriya Candace Long of Bookwrights Design.


A big part of our business is covering business conventions worldwide and seek out stories that we package and sell to major media, mostly in the European and Asian markets.


We own and operate NewMedia Website Design which does affordable websites for authors and publishers.


Adams-Blake Publishing has published both trade (i.e. bookstore) and niche market books. However, we are getting away from doing trade titles and are doing more short run/high priced specialized publications targeted to corporations, law, medicine, engineering, computers, etc.

We are looking for industry how-to, training material, directories, policy and procedure manuals, etc. that run between 200-500 pages and which we can Docutech (huge Xerox machine with computer front-end), print in short quantities (100 copies) and sell for  high prices: $89 – $150; or which would lend themselves to a database engine (not multi-media…too expensive to produce) and put on CD to sell for $399+.

We are NOT looking for things that are already out on the bookshelves. We WANT specialized products that we can sell via direct mail or with card deck advertising.

If you have written a manual, directory, training guide (our favorite type of publication) or anything that you think “your” specific industry sector might need, please let us know. You can send the ms. (by US MAIL, not e-mail) or just a query, whatever you prefer.

Our deal is simple. We do not pay an advance. We pay a straight 15% (on titles at or above $59) on all cash received. We pay our authors monthly. We do not hold a reserve against returns. Our contract is “author friendly.” You do not need an agent, but we will be happy to work with agents.

We are listed in Writer’s Market.

We do not publish fiction, so please do not query us about it.

We urge you to NOT send a manuscript, but instead a query letter that details the subject matter of your book. There is no need to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SASE) as we will not reply unless we want to buy your property. (We get hundreds of offers each month and even just stuffing SASEs with a rejection slip takes resources we can better utilize elsewhere.)


If you are a software author and would be interested in us publishing your product, contact us with the details of your program. But do NOT send us the program itself as we will not run it unless we ask for it in advance. We are NOT interested in any games. We WOULD like to find software programs that are industry specific… for example… a chip manufacturing forecasting system for the semi-conductor industry, or perhaps a program used by doctors who do laser eye surgery.

Contact: Monica Blane, Senior Editor, Adams-Blake Publishing, 8041 Sierra Street #321 Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Email: Adams-Blake Company

Please do not call, visit, or fax. You can E-mail us a query. DO NOT E-MAIL US AN ATTACHED DOCUMENT OF ANY KIND. WE WILL NOT OPEN IT!